Why You'll Love This Book

Stress Free Decorating

Rather than being confused and overwhelmed, make decorating your home fun and magical. Learn how choosing just seven adjectives describing how you would like your home to feel can lead you to a Decorating Group – and how using that Decorating Group can empower you to make more confident, better informed decorating decisions.

Logical & Easy to Implement

Rather than spending time and money correcting expensive mistakes, follow twenty logical, easy-to-implement decorating steps. These steps will lead you to a more comfortable, welcoming, spirit satisfying home that can enrich your relationships and give you a feeling of accomplishment and pride.

Possibility Filled yet Practical

Rather than trying to duplicate someone else’s design, make your home more personal and unique. Beginning with what you already have, create budget-respecting surroundings that reflect your values, honor your memories, serve your needs and make you feel happy and glad to be home.