View Your Home Through A Camera Lens

Date: 05/30/2014  |  Posted by: Gail VanKleeck

Displaying your views of life in your home can generate smiles and thought-provoking memories

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Keep Our Planet Green by Recycling and Donating Junk from Your Home

Date: 05/15/2014  |  Posted by: Gail VanKleeck

How recycling and donating junk collected from your home can help keep our planet Green

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The Exterior of Your Home

Date: 05/10/2014  |  Posted by: Gail VanKleeck

Ideas for the exterior of your home

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Whether You Are At Home Or At Work, You’ve Got Personality

Date: 05/6/2014  |  Posted by: Gail VanKleeck

a system for understanding personality styles

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Being Away From Home Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful

Date: 04/27/2014  |  Posted by: Gail VanKleeck

Suggestions for senior citizens who are traveling alone.

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