Being Away From Home Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful

Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 04/27/2014

Being Away From Home Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful!

I’m Betty Jo Evans, a retired senior in Louisville, Kentucky, who has been blessed with good health that allows me to be more active than many others my age.  Traveling is my passion even though my budget as a senior keeps me tethered closer to home than I like.  Still I take off on camping trips around Kentucky and every few months I head out to visit my adult sons in neighboring states.

Being on the road instead of securely tucked in at home takes planning if you want to relieve yourself of worries and possible problems related to travel hazards and personal issues. 

My dog loves to travel too.

My dog loves to travel too.


This is the standard list that I follow every time I take a trip:


We all know our vehicles need to be checked out for fluids, tire pressure and brake function but it also pays to have your spare tire checked in case you need it on the road.   

Keeping bottles of oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid plus a gallon of water in your trunk can provide what you need to get you to the next service station if a warning engine light comes on.  

Keep an index card in your car registration envelope in your glove compartment  listing your emergency contacts so that police or medical personnel will be able to contact relatives or friends if needed. 

Give names, home and cell and work phone numbers, and home and work addresses so all bases are covered. 

Give your route and destination information to a relative or close friend so that someone knows exactly where you plan to be the entire time you are away from home.  

This can be a life-saving step if you have a problem and your vehicle cannot easily be seen because you have gone off the road. 

Check your cell phone to see that you have plenty of minutes available and double check to see that you remembered to bring your charger with you!

If you book a motel ask the desk clerk to assign a room on the front side of the building, close to the office as possible.  Any criminal activity is likely to take place in less conspicuous areas.   Load up with ice, drinks and snacks early in the evening so you don’t need to wander through the halls or use the elevator later. 

Be sure your car is locked while checking that your tires are still fully inflated with no sign of leaking to the point of being flat in the morning! 

Don’t load your wallet and/or purse with extra cash and emergency credit cards so that you aren’t left stranded if you lose your wallet or purse.

  Keep extra money and cards locked in your trunk so you can relax, knowing you’re secure.

Do not announce your travel plans on Facebook or any other social media site as strangers should not be made aware that your home will be vacant and vulnerable during your absence!

There is no need to let these precautions scare you into not leaving home at all! 

There is security in being cautious, peace in being realistic and joy in seeing the world fly by outside your windows while home waits to welcome you at the end of your journey! 

I love to go camping and this is my tent..

I love to go camping and this is my tent..

Wave as you go by……I’ll be watching for you!

Betty Jo Evans

Senior Traveler, Tent Camper, and General Mayhem Advisor

7608 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40222

You can contact me at

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