Keep Our Planet Green by Recycling and Donating Junk from Your Home

Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 05/15/2014

Recycling and Donating Junk Collected From Your Home Can Make A Big Difference In Keeping Our Planet Green.


My name is Lu Annatone and I am the owner/operator of a company called The Junk Removers. 

Smart junk removal companies know the tremendous impact they have on the environment everyday from what they pick-up to what they donate and recycle. It is a responsibility and an obligation to show clients, the community and the planet as a whole what is being done with the stuff that is removed from homes, offices and buildings.

The biggest question most customers should ask is “What do you do with the stuff you collect?” 

The answer should be as clear as a bright blue sky; It is donated, recycled or reused and possibly sold and the percentage that is diverted from a landfill or transfer station is XX %. The percentage needs to be at least 50% and could be over 60% if the company is responsible enough to seek our industry vendors that service a variety of areas.

These vendors are related to the type of items collected.  Here are some categories your junk remover should be able to state to you with ease:

  • Metal - All metal materials are recyclable, whether it’s an appliance, a fence or a storage rack.
  • Electronics - All e-waste, as it’s called, should be taken to a responsible steward who can walk you through their process.  Specifically, TV’s, stereos, computer equipment, small appliances and tools can be broken down and the components recycled or reused to repair other items.
  • Clothing – There is no excuse for tossing clothes into a landfill - even the ripped ones can be used as rags or brought to a textile recycler.  The obvious place is a donation bid or charitable organization that needs clothing to help people who are less fortunate.
  • Tires – There are specific companies that recycle the rubber for use in athletic fields or sneakers.
  • Furniture – This is a big one and not as straight forward as it would appear.  Some great charitable organizations that run thrift stores do not accept all types of furniture and can be choosey about what they will accept.  An environmentally conscious removal service knows the “direct to the source” organizations that accept furniture in decent condition and get it to them so they can do the most good.  There are also facilities that collect wood furniture to recycle into heat products or community art projects. 

As with any item that is removed from your property or facility and identified for donation, a tax deduction receipt should be provided by the company. The list can go on to include some hazardous related items like batteries, fluorescent lights and items containing mercury, such as thermostats and thermometers. 

To close the loop, up-cycling or zero waste initiatives are gaining momentum in government and municipal circles to require business to take back what they sell. 

For example; an appliance retailer needs to accept a buyer’s old refrigerator to have the Freon removed and disposed of properly. In any event, hiring a green junk remover should be easy if you ask the right questions AND receive the right answers. 

Do not accept vague answers that leave you wondering if they are going to do what they say.  This is a simple thing to do that can make a difference……help keep our planet green!


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