Managing Medications and Health Issues For A Loved One

Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 06/24/2014

Caregiver is Home

My name is Patti O’Neil, I am a caregiver, and the Founder and Senior Medical Information Organizer for Health Check Binder, LLC. One of the things I love about what I do is empowering families with a tool to fully engage in their own care or the care of loved ones. 

When I hear the word home, it conjures feelings of comfort.

Home to me, is the people you love dearly. Like the protective physical structure of a house, loved ones provide a comfortable shelter that has no walls. As loved ones age, caregivers are the supporting post and beams structure of that shelter, taking on the heavy weight of advocating for their health and wellbeing.

Care giving is a partnership. 

As trying as it can be some days to meet the needs of declining loved ones; it is just as difficult for those in our care. For a senior, accepting help, and trusting someone else with the most private of matters can instigate feelings of weakness and loss of control. For the caregiver, embracing the responsibility is a daily challenge.

By far the most nerve-wracking responsibility is becoming the healthcare advocate for loved ones. The sheer number of health and medical appointments is dizzying. The number of medications to manage can be overwhelming. The consequences of mistakes can be life threatening or deadly. Communication, especially the sharing of medical information is critical.

If you feel as though you (the caregiver), your loved one, family members, and especially healthcare providers are not all on the same page, you are not alone.


Maybe your introduction to care giving went something like this:

  • You attend your first doctor’s appointment with your loved one because he needed a ride. You are a bit uncomfortable, feeling like you will be listening in on a private conversation. You sit in the waiting room. You are invited to move to the exam room, with your loved one while the nurse takes all the vitals. You fidget, waiting for the Doctor.
  • The doctor knocks to warn he is entering. He sits down, glances at a few notes on his computer and then, “How are you doing?”
  • You anticipate a list of questions and concerns, reporting of high blood pressure readings at home, or how he hasn’t been sleeping or eating well.
  • Instead, you hear for the first time, “I’m fine.”

Maybe you scream in your own head “WHAT? YOU are NOT fine!” But too afraid to offend doctor or patient, you endure the rest of the appointment. Maybe you get brave and question the high blood pressure reading you saw.

“How high?”

“Not sure what the number was, but it was way over 120/70.”

“Keep an eye on it.”

Questions inundate your mind: “How long have these appointments gone on like this? Does the doctor really think he’s fine? How do people remember all of this stuff? Can I really take this on?”

You do take it on because you are a caregiver. At the next appointment and every one after that, you will be ready, and “I’m fine” will never be the only answer again.  You learn to cope and advocate. You seek out and find methods to organize your new responsibilities. Especially, you find a way to document and communicate your loved one’s medical information because that is the most critical support. You are someone else’s shelter, their home. 

Health Check Binder, LLC delivers a comprehensive binder and flash Drive System to organize all of your medical information, and document and track your medication and health regimens.

The system is a collection of 17 forms to help you record personal information and health history, build comprehensive medication and provider lists, prepare and track medication, discover trends in your vital statistics and so much more. Additionally, Your Medical Information in a Flash drive includes 2 working spreadsheets to keep track of your prescription co pays and other medical expenses.

The forms and spreadsheets on the flash drive are color coded to coordinate with your indexed and tabbed binder.

Health Check Binder Flash Drive

Health Check Binder Flash Drive




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Patti O’Neil-Gearheart

Founder and Medical Information Organizer

Health Check Binder, LLC

Your Medical Information in a Flash

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