Ready Or Not Here Comes The Moving Truck

Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 06/24/2014


My name is Claire LeSage.  I am the owner, chief cook and bottle washer for WITTZ END, a relocation concierge service.  One of the things I like about what I do is helping families when they need to downsize and dispose of things when moving from one home to another.  I appreciate their beautiful homes and understand why it is sometimes hard to leave them. I also think of all the years they have lived in their homes and items they have accumulated and loved while I help them make very difficult decisions to give up so many precious things. 

Talking with my Realtor friends, the real estate market is HOT this year!  Many people are ready to list their homes for sale and they are selling - ready or not!  Some sell faster than others, but sales are on the rise. I told a client recently the worst thing that could happen was that her home sold and she needed to move quickly.  Why? Because she was not ready to move!


Too much stuff and too little time can make the task of moving overwhelming.  

What my client did while the home was on the market and waiting for that magical event to take place – THE OFFER – was absolutely nothing!  The house was prepared for sale, meaning it was de-personalized and staged but that’s it.  Now that the offer has been negotiated, accepted, and purchase and sales agreements signed she has six weeks to do it all.

After living in her home for over 40 years “stuff” had accumulated in the attic, basement, and garage... which does not even touch on the closets in 3 bedrooms, excess furniture and other household items and appliances that need to be pared down.  Six weeks is not a lot of time, particularly if you cannot physically do what needs to be done or all available help is limited to nights and weekends.

Here are five suggestions of what should happen while your house is on the market, waiting to be sold:

  1. In each and every room sort, clean out, and organize closets, drawers and cabinets; desk, do the same with bureaus, tables, china cabinets, kitchen cabinets etc. This type of sorting can easily be done without disturbing the staging and between scheduled showings.
  2. Spend quality time, when you have help available, continuing to sort, clean out, and organize the basement, attic, and garage areas.
  3. Evenings and other times can be spent sorting and organizing photographs that are just stuffed in shoe boxes or drawers.
  4. Continue to sort through and cull out your books, CD’s, records, video tapes, and DVD’s.
  5. Have a garage sale and call for charity pick-ups of extra furniture and household items that you are not planning on moving.

As you can probably guess my client was in panic mode because none of the above was done and now time was of the essence.  Don’t worry, moving day happened, but not without some drama, a few tears, and several panic attacks. 

Were some things moved or accidently trashed that probably should have been sold, donated, or given away?  Yes, but not much.  Troops were mustered and mercenaries were hired to make things happen in a hurry.  

The moral of my story is when hard decisions need to be made it is always easier and more cost effective to make those decisions when you have the time and space to make well thought-out and educated decisions and not while in panic mode.

Claire LeSage, owner of WITTZ END a relocation concierge service and author of popular E-Book FRAZZLED TO DAZZLED, It Did Not Happen Overnight! 

Claire works with frail seniors, adult children of seniors, and aging baby boomers who are FRAZZLED about downsizing and moving.

You can contact Claire at 508-285-4802 or  The WITTZ END website is



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