Think of Your Home as Your Oasis

Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 04/9/2014

Think of Your Home a Your Oasis

My name is Sharon Teitelbaum and I am a Career and Life Coach.  One of the things I love most about my work is being with people who are motivated to make a change in their life and helping them create a strategy for that change.

When I think about the word “home” I remember when my daughters were young and how I wanted our home to be a lively and stimulating place, full of bright colors and fun.  When I entered my home then, I always felt its vibrancy… and I absolutely loved it.

Now my husband and I are empty nesters, each working from a home office.  We need our home to feel peaceful and calm. With a few exceptions, our colors and furnishings are neutral, quiet, and extremely comfortable.  Now when I enter my home I feel as though I’ve entered an oasis.  My inner response is “Aaahh.”

When my husband and I decided to work from home, we needed to take a closer look at the kind of surroundings we need now…. and that was very different from what we’d needed in the past.

The way you care for or neglect your home is often a symbol of the way you care for or neglect yourself. 

Making your home into your oasis, a place that soothes and restores your spirit, doesn’t necessarily require a lot of money.  Small adjustments and fine tuning can make a huge difference, especially if you know what you’re aiming for.  

As a Career and Life Coach I help busy professionals become more effective in their work and more balanced in their lives.  The two go hand in hand.  To be your best self and to do your best work, you need to be fully nourished in all ways.  In our overworking culture it’s easy for all of us to neglect taking care of ourselves.  Instead we continually demand more and more of ourselves, without giving much thought to replenishing our energy and restoring our equilibrium.

When I am coaching people, I sometimes use my home as a metaphor for the kinds of personal fine-tuning or adjusting they may need to make.

I tell them that my husband and I had always been savers….not the kind you read about as hoarders, but savers nonetheless.  We had saved  furniture that was no longer in use, curtains we thought we might want later, sheets the kids might need someday when they’re furnishing a home, posters, framed prints, books, and so on.  It was only after we had gotten rid of a HUGE amount of that stuff (in various ways), that we were able to begin imagining how our home could become our oasis. 

Eliminating clutter, clearing areas to make more space and giving ourselves the room to move about freely, has had a wonderful effect on both our home and our life…..and because our lives are constantly changing, it is an ongoing process.

Although your life and home may always be an ongoing work in progress, the more you weed out the stuff-of-life that no longer serves you, the easier it will be to free yourself, to move forward, and to make the fine-tuning or adjustments that can create a better, more satisfying bridge between where you are now and where you would truly like to be.

As a Career and Life Coach I encourage you to make your home your own personal oasis. 

As you focus on making the atmosphere and physical parts of your home an oasis for both your body and spirit, you’ll begin noticing which parts of both your home and your life truly serve you …and which parts you may need to let go of so your spirit will have more room to grow.

Sharon Teitelbaum, Career and Life Coach

Empowering you to claim your work and life goals

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Sharon Teitelbaum....empowering you to claim your work and life goals.

Sharon Teitelbaum....empowering you to claim your work and life goals.

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