Thoughts and Musings from The Home Decorating Fairy Godmother

Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 12/20/2013

Thoughts and Musings from the Home Decorating Fairy Godmother

Sometime in the midst of decorating our homes and considering the furniture, rugs, wall colors and lighting which will best serve our needs, we need to pause and remember that the surroundings we are focused on creating are often, in truth, a reflection of ourselves. 

Sometimes the Home Decorating Fairy Godmother’s thoughts and stories appear in the Magical Interior Design Guide.  Sometimes she has thoughts or stories she would like to share that have no real place in her book. 

She will be adding to this blog throughout the year, so she invites you to come back and revisit it from time to time.



A baby in its parent’s arms, the white wings of a dove,
A gentle sigh, a soft embrace, all of these are love.
The poet’s pen holds many words for this thing we cannot see,
That fills the heart and changes lives and sets our spirit free
Some think they can control it, that it will come at their command,
But love knows its sacred essence and slips beyond their hand.
Love is the strong foundation, on which some build their life,
Yet love is also like a sword, a source of pain and strife.
We say the word, we sing its praise, for it we toil and kill,
Yet love remains intangible, uncaptured by our will.
We need to see it differently, to change our point of view,
For love’s a verb, not just a noun.  Love is something that we do.
We say the world’s a hopeless place, so full of hate and fear,
Yet loving lives amidst the strife, its power vast and clear.
And each of us has a true choice that hearts were born to know.
The more we seek to see love’s work, the more it seems to grow.
As we change our focus to the loving we can do,
As we deny our need to judge and keep love clear and true,
Our eyes will start to notice that we’re part of something rare,
For love’s work shines bright among us and we’ll see it everywhere.
As we focus on its power, we will surely see love grow,
And though it may be simple and though it may be slow,
Our world will be a better place with every passing day.
For love, the verb, will multiply when we give it away.


The Present
By Gail Van Kleeck
T’was the holiday season and as usual I was frantically thinking of presents to buy
I’d been shopping and wrapping and baking like mad, butI didn’t feel peaceful.  I didn’t feel glad.
My checklist was growing.  I couldn’t get through. My mind kept inviting one more thing to do.
There were parties to go to and people to see. The angel was crooked on top of the tree.
Something was wrong with this beautiful season. I stopped for a moment to search for the reason.
And in that silent moment, the reason was clear. I’d forgotten the most precious present this year
A present so precious, it couldn’t be sold.  It couldn’t be purchased for silver or gold.
A present too precious to place on a shelf, one I couldn’t give till I had it myself.
For the present most precious, the present most rare, is just that, the present, the moments we share.
For the things we achieve or collect are fast gone, but the love we create in the present lives on.
So if I were dreaming, perhaps what I’d see, is fewer gifts piled up ‘neath the Christmas tree.
There’d be simpler meals and tasks that could wait. we be there for each other before it’s too late. 
And so I wish you and all those you hold dear, a heartwarming Christmas and abundant New Year.

Thoughts and Musings from the Home Decorating Fairy Godmother

Thoughts and Musings from the Home Decorating Fairy Godmother






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