Transitioning Within Your Home

Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 12/27/2013

Transitioning Within Your Home


Ideas for Giving Your Home a Fresher, More Inviting Feeling

Making simple adjustments in decorative accessories, storage availability and window treatments can make an immediate difference in your home.

Whether you are inviting people to your home to celebrate a special occasion or simply planning dinner for family and friends, you may find yourself wishing your home felt a little fresher and more inviting.  If you don’t have much time, energy or money to spend right now, these simple suggestions can give your home a fresher and more welcoming feeling.

Begin by moving your accessories closer together. 

If your accessories, family photos and mementos are spread across your mantle or book shelves, your eyes need to work harder to see and enjoy them.  If you gather your accessories closer together they will feel more related to one another and your eyes will have a more peaceful and pleasant place to rest.  Notice how the accessories on the upper shelf in this illustration feel disconnected from one another. 

Moving your accessories closer together helps them to feel more related.

Moving your accessories closer together helps them to feel more related.


Now look at the lower shelf and notice how placing the same accessories closer together creates a feeling of connection and gives your eyes a more pleasant place to rest

If you have a grouping of family photos, raise some of them up a little by using a small easel, a book or a decorative box.  This will make the grouping more interesting and make it easier to see the faces in the photos. 

As you work with decorative accessories, encourage your eyes to sweep across an empty space and then settle on something enjoyable.

Deal with the clutter

 Even if you are comfortable with controlled clutter, some of your loved ones may find it distracting.  Homes that encourage and support relationships have fewer visual distractions.  This means the people gathered together there can pay more attention to one another.


Consider buying a few decorative boxes with lids for your papers and magazines.  Try using tables with drawers or doors. Look for lift-top ottomans.  Buy inexpensive hooks or narrow racks and install them inside your closet doors.  All of these will help reduce the distraction of clutter.

If everything you use in your rooms has a place, there is always the possibility that sooner or later it may actually be put there.


Increase your natural light.

Natural light feeds and enriches our spirit, yet we tend to forget how important it is. If you pull your shades or blinds partially down over your windows when they are not in use, you are diminishing your rooms natural light.  If you keep your shades and blinds stacked at the top of your windows when they aren’t in use, you’ll increase your natural light.

Pulling your draperies back from your windows will increase your room’s natural light.  If your draperies are full enough, you can mount their rod on the wall, six to eight inches beyond the window casing, so your draperies will cover the casing and leave more of the window exposed.

You can coax more light into a room if you hang a mirror opposite a window.  You can expand your view and also increase your natural light if you hang a mirror in the corner of a room, as close as possible to a window.


In the end, the best thing you can do when you are preparing for guests is to do less.  What matters most is your personal presence …and it is much easier to give when you are feeling more peaceful and rested.









 shelf, mentally divide that space into thirds.  Then gather the things you love together on the opposite ends and leave the center space empty.  You can learn more about the “sweep and settle” guideline in Step Twenty of The Magical Interior Design Guide.  This guideline draws your attention to the things you love most and makes your rooms more welcoming.

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