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Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 05/30/2014



It’s Betty Jo Evans again, a retired senior in Louisville, Kentucky, who counts photography as one of her favorite hobbies.  Thanks to Gail,The Home Decorating Fairy Godmother, who urged me to purchase an inexpensive digital camera, I began saving special aspects of my home and intimate shots of family members to share with others.  My photo collection adds a personal touch as I select “the Best of the Best” to enlarge and frame for display in various rooms of my home.

Going digital has made it inexpensive and easy to record the special moments and scenes of your life and to share them with those you love and love you in return.

Have you learned to make use of your digital camera to share aspects of your home with friends and relatives who live too far away to visit often?  Are you using your camera to build a treasure file of photographs for your children to help them remember their childhood?  

Regarding your home, using outdoor shots of your home in different seasons can highlight holiday notes you email to friends.  Inside, focus on a holiday creation, a close up of a floral arrangement you composed with flowers from your garden or a photo of a pet dozing by the fire …personal photos will make recipients smile as they virtually step into your personal space for a moment.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Pictures of family members can be so much more than group shots where everyone lines up in a row and says “Cheese!”

Be sure to use the close up feature on your camera to catch expressions and bring out personalities.  The wisdom of an aged senior shines through in a close up portrait.  Baby faces become magical images if you get “up close and personal” and have the patience to persevere! 

Photograph children doing arts and crafts or swinging at the playground. Intersperse full scene shots of the artwork they created or the action of how swinging makes their hair fly around their faces.  You’ll find you come up with professional quality photos by using your imagination and snapping a multitude of pictures to give you a large selection from which to choose.  Your family albums will be extraordinary and treasured!

Nothing is more wonderful than a child enjoying herself.

Nothing is more wonderful than a child enjoying herself.

Teaching your children to use photography as a part of their school assignments can be rewarding for you and your child. 

Imagine a science report illustrated with close ups of mushrooms growing in your yard or pictures of engineering features from the bridge at the edge of town.  Lying down on the ground or shooting up over your head can give you wonderful angles, different shades of light and shadows, pictures out of the ordinary.

I used to pretend these were elf umbrellas

I used to pretend these were elf umbrellas


 No need to take classes and become a professional to get professional results if you use your imagination and are willing to focus on new possibilities!

The secret is to keep your camera handy and ready.  Carry it everywhere you go and watch for special things and events to snap and preserve.  Close ups of flowers can be prizes you want to print and frame!  A street corner musician or a panhandler begging for food for his dogs can be a heartrending subject. 

A man taking care of his four-legged friends

A man taking care of his four-legged friends


Displaying your views of life in your home adds a personal touch that will generate smiles and thought-provoking memories.

Just cultivate a different perspective when you look through the lens and the world will show you a plethora of images to enjoy and share!   


Betty Jo Evans

Senior Photographer, Tent Camper, and General Mayhem Advisor

7608 Westport Road, Louisville, KY 40222

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