What Readers Are Saying About The Home Decorating Fairy Godmother’s New Book

Posted by: Gail VanKleeck  |  Date: 01/13/2014

Reader Reviews

Some of The Magical Interior Design Guide’s readers have been kind enough to review it on Amazon.  The following are some of their comments on how it affected their furniture, wall color and flooring decision and gave them the confidence to have more fun with their home decorating. 

A Fun and Helpful Home Design Guide. This is an accessible, fun and helpful design guide that makes decorating your home seem like an exciting adventure instead of an insurmountable task ( if you are like me).. Gail Van Kleeck walks you through the mazes of color, style, beauty and practicality in a way that allows you to create a home that reflects your personality.  I learned what color pallet I like best, how to differentiate between types of sofas and how to make different sized window look even, with strategic use of curtains (who knew?).  This book is filled with helpful illustrations, color charts and graphs and has a friendly and encouraging tone.  Gretje Ferguson

Every Category I Needed Help with is Outlined in this Book!
I just bought an old Victorian home in Old Louisville and need help with about every aspect of making this place both comfortable and beautiful.  This guide seems to cover all the categories I need and it’s written in a step by step style that I can follow.  Choosing colors to paint the walls, putting up the right draperies and/or curtains, fitting in furniture to suit the use of the room …everything is in this book…along with personal stories and illustrations to make it interesting rather than tedious.  Barbara Anderson
You Can Have Your Own Home Decorating Fairy Godmother with This Book! 
Enjoyed this book from start to finish!  Fun, easy ideas anyone can incorporate into their own living space.  The excellent graphic illustrations make it easy to see what Gail is explaining, a big help for anyone who can’t afford to make costly home decorating mistakes.   Lori B. Johnson
I’m Having Fun Reading this Unique Design Book and Imagining the Spaces I Want to Transform.
It is an amazing help in creating surroundings that represent your image of what you want your room to look like.  This book is wonderful.  It is helping me to see how to create spaces that reflect my own dreams.  It is easy to read and has great suggestions for strategies to figure out what will work best for you.  I love the idea of describing how you want your home to FEEL and then being guided to color choices that will help reflect how you want that feeling.  It is an amazing perspective that is very helpful.  It would be a wonderful gift for someone who is thinking of redecorating a room, preparing for a move or simply taking a second look at their existing home.  I love the idea that each chapter is a decorating step with examples to make it clear.  Enjoy.  Mary Dillinger

More than Just a Decorating Book!  I’ve never seen a book so focused on the step-by-step decorating process and yet written for “normal” people.  With Gail Van Kleeck’s guidance anyone can learn how to use items they already have and create a beautiful, livable home.  Gail is clearly both an expert decorator and a talented writer.  C. Lannum

A wonderful Read .. Helpful, Informative and Confidence Building!!!
I loved this book!  It helped me to understand why I gravitate to certain colors and what they mean in terms of putting a room together.  I have developed more confidence in making changes in my home so I can give it a little more punch while still maintaining its warmth.  Gail Van Kleeck has simplified the decorating process in easy to understand language that is inspiring and encouraging.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who drools over glossy pictures of beautiful homes and doesn’t think they could ever put together a room with such style.  This book, which could be the beginning of your dream home, keeps in mind that many of us may have a lower budget.  Kimberli Considine 
A Five-Star Read and Guide!!!, 
Gail VanKleeck has developed a unique and understandable guide for helping people create a personal and inviting home ...for themselves, their families and their guests. Her design concepts reflect her respect for the importance of human relationships and show us how to create the connection between how we wish to use our spaces and how we make those spaces a source of joy, artistry and comfort. Her simple, uncluttered illustrations help the reader easily grasp her step-by-step process, which gives us logically sequenced, bite-size bits of information that are easily understandable, practical and cost-effective.  I equate this unique guide with the Sarah Susanka’s "Not So Big House" publications that have helped so many people conceptualize small, intimate spaces that are both multi-functional and inviting. I recommend this book to those who wish to become more confident in their own creativity in making a house their "home" and for those wishing to work with an interior designer as an active participant in creating an environment that expresses their unique personality. Christine G. Zimmer
Informative, Practical and Delightful!
Have you ever bought an expensive piece of furniture and waited with anticipation for it to be delivered, only to find out it does not look right no matter how you arrange it in your room?  Have you ever painted your walls over and over trying to find the right color?  Have you ever felt the process of decorating your home…something you have looked forward to for so long … can become so stressful that you need a night guard to stop you from clenching your teeth?  Have you ever watched those home decorating programs on TV showing the “before” and “after” where everybody says “wow”, but nobody can tell how it happened?  If you answered yes to all or some of these questions, you should read this book.  Every profession has its secrets:  its abc’s, its basic rules.  Interior design is no exception.  The basic concepts described in this guide are simple and logical (thanks to the author’s wonderful writing talent), and knowing them makes life much easier.  This book is written for people who want to live in a comfortable and beautiful home that is not decorated just for show, but for everyday life, a home that welcomes you after a hard day’s work, a home that reflects who you are as a person and a home that warms the hearts of your family and friends.  It seems to me that the author put a lot of her heart and soul into writing this book.  She shares her immense professional knowledge of interior decorating as well as the personal wisdom she has attained in life.  You would be surprised by how much you can learn about yourself and what makes you happy in the process of reading this delightful, warm, witty and insightful book.  Family Dentist  Svetilana Livshin  D.M.D. 

This is a completely different way of looking at design.  I recommend it to people who know what kind of feeling they want to have in a space, but get hung up on design and design styles.  This is a very useful book for people who are “design shy” or have a tendency to “over-do it”  I’ve never read a design book that was written from such a “feeling” point of view.  It has loads of helpful design fundamentals, including color theory, but it is presented in a way that is not intimidating.  Wonderful book!  Linda Shepard

Perfect for Real Estate Agents
As a full time real estate broker, I’m always looking for the perfect gift for clients and recommendations for real estate agents at my company.  This book is 100% win.  It breaks down an often difficult process of decorating and space planning into an easy to use and easy to follow process.  This book helps make a design and decorating novice into an expert.  I highly recommend it.  Bob Simone   Better Living Real Estate 

Creating a room that celebrates your uniqueness.

Creating a room that celebrates your uniqueness.







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